Most Recent Published Work

Translation, featured in Words and Whispers Journal:

Fireworks, featured in Global Poemic:

Multiple poems were featured in Volume One of Poetry in the Time of Coronavirus, available for purchase here:

Ending in this Time was one of six finalists for the grand prize offered by this anthology, which is available for purchase here:

You Can Return But Not Go Back received an Honorable Mention in Tiferet Journal's Annual Poetry Competition:

The Gang of Twelve and Inheritance were published by Writing in a Woman's Voice:

The Poem Reads You was published by Anti-Heroin Chic:

Derecho and Saunter Geese were published by Book of Matches:

Understory was published by The Shore:

The Thing About Belonging to the Moon was published by The Amethyst Review:

In the Butterfly House was published by Rust and Moth:

Esmerelda, State Fair Mini-Donkey, and I Walk the Dog, Post Hurricane were published by Academy of the Heart and Mind:

Cowshine was published by Speckled Trout Review:

My Father's Box was published by Thimble Literary Magazine: 

Sanctuary was published by The Jewish Writing Project:

Trigger Warning was published by Gyroscope Review:

To Prove That You Are Human, Select Each Image Containing a Bridge was published by River Heron Review:

Peppermint Thief was published by SWWIM:

Photo Synesthesia, March Comes In, Early Spring, North Carolina, and Movement were published by Lothlorien Poetry Journal:

Grief Comes to Brunch at Tyger's Cafe, and What a Nest Is were published by RockPaperPoem:

Uraba Lugens was published by Minyan Magazine:

One Lunch in Eastern Oregon, circa 1982, and The Poet's Mother Waits on Earth were published by Last Leaves Magazine:

Storm Heckler was published by Anti-Heroin Chic:

Girl, You Already Know How to Brace for Impact was published by Chewers and Masticadores:

Tongue Ties, Bone Clocks, and Night Litany were published by Verse Virtual:

Arachne's Mother Admits to Arson at the Temple of Athena was published by Carmina Magazine:

Exfridare: Car Accident As Painting was published by Chewers and Masticadores:

After Your Death, I Return to Your Favorite Poem: Musee Des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden, and Thanks, A Rescue, So Not Sure of the Breed were published by Last Stanza Poetry Journal:

Masked Dancers At The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, 2002 was published by ONE ART:

Still Life with Coaster was published by The Westchester Review:

The Vet Calls It A Mass was published by The Orchards Poetry Journal:

AI Think Therefore AI Am was published by The Rumen:

Penelope Sails Beyond Security was published by Carmina Magazine:

November in the Black Hills, South Dakota was published in Issue 26 of Black Fox Literary Magazine, pgs. 46-7:

Shame Coat was published in Scapegoat Review:

Sisyphus' Unnamed Wife Vacuums Deserts for Minimum Wage was published by Stone Circle Review:

Weathering was published by Blue Heron Review:

Abandoned Ferris Wheel, Lake Shawnee, West Virginia was published by Halfway Down the Stairs: